Toronto Airport
I am sorry for that I did not say "See you" to some of you. We were watching photos in the laptop when I decided with Noèl to go for checking our luggage. It was 3:00 PM and our fly was later than 6:00, then I thought we had plenty of time to go to our Terminal and come back to spend a little more time with the IVEP'ers, and of course saying goodbye! The road to the Terminal 1 was long with all our suitcases, and when finaly we arrived to the checking it was 3:30. It was such a surprise when the lady told us that our tickets were dated from May 20th! She send us back to the ticketing. Of course I called Karina for arranging things, we talk to this new agent at the counter, and after another half an hour he was able to provide us new tickets without paying any fee. I started already to worry because time was running out for me to come back to the terminal 3, and I was so hapy when I saw a couple of trainees who came because they were wondering what happened to us the European team. After a couple of problems  with the overweight luggage, and after difficult (very difficult...) goodbyes I had no time left for coming back to the place were most of the IVEP'ers were staying so I decided to go to find my plan. I was very sad, but as I told you in one e mail, if I did not have time to say to some of you "goodbye", that is probably because I will see them again!
                                                                                                                                                             Jérôme - France